Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Last updated: 02.03.2023

These terms and conditions apply for the use of Jobs services from DN Media Group AS, organization no. 927 810 921 (hereinafter “DN Media Group”) and the publications and services etc. published or offered by DN Media Group, its current or future subsidiaries and affiliated companies (the “DN Media Group”).

The DN Media Group publishes i.a. Dagens Næringsliv, Europower, Fiskeribladet, Hydrogen Insight, IntraFish.no, IntraFish.com, Kystens Næringsliv, Recharge, TradeWinds and Upstream (jointly, the “Publications”). The DN Media Group offers various services, i.a. related jobs publishing tools and application dissemination (“Other Offerings”). The Publications and the Other Offerings are jointly referred to as the “Services”. This agreement will also encompass any other publication or other offerings that may be offered by DN Media Group now or in the future.

When you purchase or in any other way access or use the Publications or Other Offerings (hereinafter referred to jointly as the “Services”) delivered by the DN Media Group, you are entering into an agreement with DN Media Group.

The terms and conditions set forth in this document regulate your rights and obligations when using the Jobs services from entities in the DN Media Group, together with the terms and conditions applicable to the relevant Services.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Privacy Policy before using any services from NHST.

1. Job alerts

The Service offers you the opportunity to notify you of relevant positions for you if you request it. A user is automatically created with your email address if you submit an application or save a job alert via the Service. The email address is stored until you choose to delete it yourself or let us know. By saving a job alert you will receive notifications by email from the Service about relevant positions.

If the job alert is deactivated and you are otherwise inactive on the Service, the email address and associated information related to you will be deleted automatically 365 days after the last activity.

2. Job applications

The Service gives you the opportunity to apply for positions with different employers by submitting a job application through our portal, including CV, application text and other relevant documentation. When you submit a job application through the Service, you are automatically registered as a user with an email address in the Service. Job applications sent via the Service will only be forwarded to the employer who has posted the ad and no one else. The application you submit will be stored for up to 100 days from submission and will then be automatically deleted.

Sometimes our customers have their own recruitment systems for application management. If there are links to other third-party solutions that you click on via the Service, DN Media Group assumes no responsibility for these. Such companies and solutions will apply their own terms and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with their terms of use, privacy statements, and other relevant information.

3. Job seeker profile

To keep track of submitted applications and allow you to easily submit an existing application to a new employer, you have the opportunity to create a job search profile on the Service. If you choose to create a job search profile, the profile will be saved for up to 390 days after the last login. After 365 days you will receive an automatic email, asking you if you would like to keep the profile or delete it. You will receive up to three reminders from us before the profile is deleted.

If you have not answered the first or second reminder, the profile will be automatically deleted three days after receiving the third reminder, unless you actively ask us to keep the profile. After any deletion of the profile, we will send you a confirmation that the deletion has been made.

You can change or delete your profile at any time by logging in here

4. Personal information

In order to provide the offered services, DN Media Group will process personal information about you.

We process the following information:

Email, name, phone number, profile information and consent status.

The Service will also process the information you provide in connection with job applications, such as CV and the application in general, as part of the necessary storage and dissemination that the service entails. The Service requests that you only provide personal information that is required to apply for the position in question, and that you do not upload sensitive personal information. If you still choose to upload sensitive personal information, the Service’s legal basis for processing such personal data is this agreement and your explicit consent given at the actual submission.

The Service will pass on the information you have provided about yourself through the service, to the employer who owns the job advertisement, when you apply for a job. The transfer of data is limited to the particular employer and for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement with you.

For further information on the Service's processing of personal data, see our privacy statement. If you would like the Service to stop processing any or all of the personal information stored about you, please contact us at privacy@nhst.com or you can manage your privacy settings via the publication’s My page.

5. Communication

You may opt out of receiving marketing communication emails from the Service. If you do not wish to receive emails from the Service anymore, you may cancel your consent anytime from the privacy tab on Your account or contact us at privacy@nhst.com.

6. Changes to the terms and conditions

DN Media Group may revise these terms and conditions for the Service when necessary, including adopting changes in applicable legislation. Major changes will be duly notified, but we recommend that you update yourself on our terms regularly when you visit our site.

7. Inquiries

For more information, please find contact details on the Service’s website or use our customer service forms.